The Ultimate Assault – The Total Wipeout UK Experience!

Do you want over 10,000 visitors per year? Proven Success with our Tourism Business Opportunity!

The Ultimate Assault has been proven to provide clients with maximum return on investment.

Encompassing a custom range of water and land-based obstacles that challenge and test all ages and abilities, participants can slide the water slides, take on the ‘big balls’ and scale the travellator. You may have seen something similar on TV – Bring this proven business opportunity alive for your business today and see your visitor numbers and revenue figures soar!

Increase your Profits and see Maximum Return on Investment

AThe Ultimate Assault is an assault experience that’s fun for everyone. It is guaranteed to produce return custom and really put your business on the map!

Turn your Business into the Ultimate Tourism Hotspot!

Watch this video to see just what excitement the Ultimate Assault can create!


Existing Ultimate Assault Courses

The Ultimate Assault located at The Ultimate Adventure Centre in Bideford North Devon, is one of the South West’s leading tourist attractions. Adventure Build designed and built this water based activity course a few years ago and it continues to go from strength to strength with each summer tourist season. This Total Wipeout inspired water course is The Ultimate Adventure Centre’s most popular adventure activity and it’s success has allowed the business to grow and develop very successfully.

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Total Wipeout UK
Total Wipeout UK