High Ropes and Adventure Activity Course Design and Construction

Adventure Build is a one stop shop for all of your Adventure Activity Course needs. Our construction expertise, training and years of experience in operating Adventure Activity Parks ensure that we are able to offer a comprehensive set of services, including pre-design, planning, construction, installation, inspection and maintenance services. From submitting planning applications, to designing, building and inspecting your adventure course,we’re confident that you won’t find a more highly experienced, professional and efficient service provider. We also offer staff training to ensure that your new activity course can be operated safely, confidently and efficiently. Click on the links below to find out more about the services that we offer throughout the UK. To see examples of previous Activity Course projects, please click here.

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Operational and Construction Expertise

Adventure Build approach each project with the end result in mind, considering both the constructional aspects of the build with the operational  practicalities of the course. This comprehensive service provides clients with a holistic “one stop shop” package that sees all aspects of the project being considered simultaneously, resulting in zero disparity between all stages and maximum return on investment.  Our professional and experienced team will  handle all aspects of planning and application paperwork if required.

Free Site Visit and Professional Consultation

As a one stop shop for all of your Adventure Course needs, a free site visit and consultation from us will mean that you don’t have to waste  time and money arranging for multiple contractors to assess your project. Adventure Build offer the most comprehensive, and therefore cost effective, service for your Adventure Course construction, owing to their multi-disciplinary expertise, professional training, and operational experience. From forming and submitting planning applications, to course design, build and operation, we’ve got it covered.

Adventure Course Training

Further to design, construction and inspection services, Adventure Build provide clients with full operational training for their Adventure Course. From the outset, Adventure Build projects are managed by experts who consider each individual business’s needs, including business aims, safety considerations, staffing requirements and operational costs.