Hassle-Free Planning Applications

Adventure Build supply a professional planning application service for outdoor activity courses at a reasonable cost.We know that submitting planning applications for an outdoor build is a daunting task for anyone without experience as there are many guidelines and red-tape areas. Here at Adventure Build, we’re fluent with the latest rules and regulations and provide a hassle free planning application service for outdoor activity courses.

Full Planning Service at an Affordable Price

By using our professional planning application service, you will receive a tailored application written by construction experts that adheres to the relevant guidelines in order for your build to have the best chance of being given the green light.

Adventure Course Design

Adventure Build will work closely with you to understand the requirements that your course needs to meet. We will consider factors such as site size, site location, budget, staff training, business aims and operational costs. We will then design a course that encomasses innovative solutions to your business and operational needs. Construction will commence once all parties are 100% satisfied that the final design answers all of your needs and meets the necessary standards for safety and quality.

Because we have personal experience in setting up and operating successful outdoor and indoor adventure courses, we understand how to turn ideas into reality realistically and will ensure that all aspects of design and build are handled professionally.

Preparation for Build

Prior to any construction taking place, Adventure Build will carry out extensive surveys and checks on your site to establish a clear and structured plan for the build process.

We will assess and consider factors such as:

  • Site access points for bringing in large vehicles and machinery
  • Ground level and suitability
  • Drainage systems
  • Underground pipes and systems
  • Overhead cables

River dart rope course adventure build


We will then advise you on any preparative procedures that may need to take place before the main build commences, such as levelling or stabilising land, or covering soil to prevent erosion.

Construction of your Activity Course will commence once all parties are happy with the site’s safety and suitability for building on.

adventure course design