Instructor Training for Safe and Efficient Adventure Course Operation

Having designed, installed  and operated numerous successful Adventure Courses across the UK, Adventure Build are able to draw on their operational expertise and experience to offer professional operational training for your staff. Proper operational training is vital to ensuring that your new high ropes course or activity course is operated safely and efficiently by instructors who are confident in their work.

The professional adventure course training provided will be specific to the requirements of your course – encompassing the correct operational and safety protocol, involving skills and procedure such as rescues, health and safety, basic course maintenance and the correct use of PPE. This essential adventure course training will help your course instructors to be prepared for all circumstances, and ultimately, to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.

Best Practices for Business – Advice from Activity Centre Experts

We are able to draw upon our experience in running courses ourselves to advise upon best practices for business, including pricing structure, marketing and staffing.