Steel Frame Timber Climbing Walls

quote copyOur steel frame timber Climbing Walls make  impressive focus points for your Adventure Course. We will design and construct your climbing wall to meet personal requirements. Our bespoke climbing wall and activity tower designs can incorporate extra ‘add-on’ adventure features, such as zip wires to be integrated into your course. By installing multiple progressive obstacles and adventure elements into your climbing wall or tower, you’re offering your customers the most for their money, meaning that they’ll return time and again to improve their performance and to try out different features.

We also build Activity Towers that can encompass various Adventure activities and obstacles alongside climbing. Our full range of design and construction services can be found here – no matter what you have in mind for your new climbing wall or activity course project, we’re confident that we can deliver full and competent design, construction and maintenance services across the UK.

Bespoke Construction Designs Suited to your Business’s Needs

Adventure Build Climbing Walls are designed as bespoke products for each client and tailored to meet the needs of your site, business aims and staffing provisions. We’ll present you with a comprehensive design proposal for your build that we feel is optimised to meet the constructional and operational needs of your site and business so that you see maximum return on investment.


ERCA_Certified_Inspection_Body copy copyAdventure Build Staff are trained and certified by the industry regulation body, ERCA, to carry out safety inspections on ropes courses and adventure courses.

Before your new course goes into operation, you must ensure that an ERCA standard inaugural inspection is carried out, yearly inspections are then compulsory once the course has gone into operation. These industry approved inspections will ensure that your course recognised internationally as being compliant with current safeguarding guidelines.


TRAINING250With years of experience in building, managing and operating successful adventure centres across the UK, we are highly trained and knowledgeable in both construction and training. Once your build has been completed and inspected, we will train you and your staffing team on how to operate your course safely and effectively. We will teach you the best tried and tested practices that ensure the safe efficiency of operation so that you see maximum return on your investment.