Site Preparation

Prior to any construction taking place, Adventure Build will carry out extensive surveys and checks on your site to establish a clear and structured plan for the build process.

We will assess and consider factors such as:

  • Site access points for bringing in large vehicles and machinery
  • Ground level and suitability
  • Drainage systems
  • Underground pipes and systems
  • Overhead cables

We will then advise you on any preparative procedures that may need to take place before the main build commences, such as levelling or stabilising land, or covering soil to prevent erosion.

Construction of your Activity Course will commence once all parties are happy with the site’s safety and suitability for building on.

The Construction Process

We will only ever use trusted workmen and contractors, with whom we have worked hard to establish a strong relationship. The time-scale and sequence of the build procedure depends on individual requirements, hwever to give you a rough idea, the process usually consists of the following steps:

1. Site preparation

2. Ground foundations for the course are put in place

3. Main course build commences

4. The final Activity Course undergoes rigorous testing and safety inspection.

Statutory inspection procedures are carried out by our ERCA qualified professional inspectors in order to ensure that every Adventure Build Course meets current industry safety regulations.